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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do FOAMtastic FUN Parties work?

We arrive about 30 minutes before the FOAM play start time to set up. We bring a sound system with kid friendly music, to keep the party rocking! We stay the entire length of the FOAM play time operating our giant FOAMtastic FUN Party FOAM Cannon.

Are there any special requirements needed for a FOAM party?

We will need access to a standard garden hose connection and standard electrical 3 prong outlet within 100 feet of the FOAM play zone.

Is the FOAM safe for kids and pets?

Yes! Our FOAM solution is bio-degradable, hypo-allergenic, non-staining and unscented. It is safe for kids, pets, and the environment. We DO NOT use dish soaps that can dry or irritate skin. We only use professional grade foam solution. Think baby soap!
Our FOAM does not usually irritate the eyes any more than an hour in pool water, but it's great to have dry towels to wipe the little ones faces occasionally and goggles go a long way, too.

How much water will be used?

An hour of FOAM playtime uses equivalent to about 2 – 3 bathtubs of water.

Do you get wet in the FOAM?

Brief moments in the foam may leave you damp, and you can easily dry off in the sun.
Playing in the foam pile for longer will get you wet. Swim attire is recommended, or lightweight shorts and shirts are advisable. A towel for each person is helpful. Goggles go a long way too!

Where should I plan to have my FOAM Party?

Our FOAM cannon can fill up an area of up to 40x40 ft.
We recommend a safe area to fill with FOAM that has minimal obstructions and hazards (such as curbs and landscaping) which may be hidden under the FOAM. Your driveway, front or back yard, playground and parking lot are all fine.

How do you clean up after a FOAM Party?

Our FOAM solution is designed to dissipate in the sun but for extra precautions, we encourage you to run your sprinkler or spray the area with water after the party for extra clean up, to remove any residue that might have been left behind.

Contact us directly at 281-883-3612 is you have any other questions.

We would be happy to discuss the details to help plan your FOAMtastic FUN party today!


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