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"I highly recommend Monty the Magician at any child's party, school event, etc. Monty performed at my daughter's 8th birthday party at the end of October and the kids (and adults!!) just loved him. Everyone laughed and had a great time!! Everyone wanted a business card at the end of his show! Monty did a great job of interacting with all the kids. There is a genuineness about him that can't be beat! When booking and setting up the party on the phone, Monty was extremely professional and not at all pushy like others I have dealt with in the past. Of all the years throwing parties for my kids (my daughter is 8 and my son is almost 14), I have to say that this was at the top of our best parties! I HIGHLY recommend Monty and plan to hire him again in the future!"

Suzy McCusker


"My students and I enjoyed your "Magic that Makes You Smile" show tremendously. It was age appropriate for an audience of elementary age students. As a teacher, I especially enjoyed how you interacted with the students. You created an atmosphere of fun, anticipation, and excitement. You employed "kid friendly" language to provide positive expectations of the students behavior. The show was interactive, upbeat and enthusiastic. It was a real treat for the students and faculty alike. Thank you so much for providing our students with a fun end of the year "magical" experience."

Vanessa Duncan - Aikin Elementary


"Monty came to The Village School and provided us with a fantastic magic show. The children and staff loved his performance. Even though a couple of weeks have gone by, I still have teachers and students talking about Monty's magical performance. Monty is great with interacting and grasping the attention of students ranging from the ages of 3-15 all at once. We were very pleased to have such an energetic, kind and funny magician entertain our students during spring break. Thank you Monty! We hope to have you back soon for another magical day at The Village!"

Kayla Guanajato - The Village School


"I booked "Monty the Magician" this summer as part of our summer camp program. Monty arrived on time and ready to perform the day of our magic show. He presented his "Magic that makes you smile" show and the performance did as the title promised. Everyone love his show; from our toddlers to our school aged children to our teachers and everyone in between. His show was whimsical and fun from beginning to end and really had the audience captivated. I really loved that he involved the children in his show. I definitely plan to invite him back next year to perform at our school again and I would recommend his talent to anyone looking to entertain a group with magic fun for the entire family. Thank you Monty, from all of us at KinderCare. We look forward to having you back next year."

Lindsay Allen - Assistant Director - KinderCare of the Woodlands


"Thank you for coming to our center. Our children really enjoyed being involved in your magic. The smiles on their faces said it all. You have a wonderful way with children. You enjoy what you do and it shows. You even had our older children wondering, "how did he do that". We especially liked getting our own magic hats and magic wands. It sparked a lot of imagination. We highly recommend Monty the Magician, he is awesome!"

Small World ECEC


"Our summer program has been filled with fun and exciting activities and events. And, Monty's magic show has been one of the preschoolers all time favorites. They have talked about Monty the Magician and the changing rabbits, the giant magic wand and the dove for weeks now. The teaching staff was truly impressed with the show. Monty kept the attention of the three's while completely entertaining the six and seven year olds. I appreciated the way that Monty included the children in the magical experience. The show was fun, surprising, interactive and age appropriate. We will certainly have Monty back at Meadows Preschool again."

Cyndi Wehmeyer - Associate Pastor Willow Meadows Baptist Church


"On behalf of Theatre Under the Stars, I want to thank you for making our Wizard of Oz VIP event so fun! The look on the kids' faces is unforgettable and we look forward to having you back in the future. I greatly appreciate you accommodating all of our needs and being so kind about it. It was absolutely great working with you - jolly fellas are fun to work with!"

Gaby Quintana-Marketing Theatre Under the Stars


"Monty the Magician performed at my daughter's 4th birthday party this past December. It was a BLAST! He did such a great job! Initially, I was a bit concerned with the attention span of the younger children attending (age 1-3 yrs), that possibly they would not be as interested as the older age groups tend to be...boy was I ever wrong! The children were right in the front participating and all wanting to go up front and perform with him. Even the adults were glued to the performance. We were all trying to figure out how all this was done! I myself still don't know how he was able to do such interesting tricks!

We most definitely plan to use Monty again in the future. I also plan to incorporate him in to our resident function, at some point, at the apartments that I currently manage. You will truly enjoy his act, should you chose to use him at your function. Thanks again, "Monty the Magician" GREAT job!"

Anna Meeks


"Monty creates MAGIC and smiles! Imagine a group of four and five year old. Then imagine them sitting still for more than half an hour - laughing their pants off. Impossible, you might say. No, that is exactly what happened at my daughter's birthday party, thanks to Monty. His show was professional, witty and truly magical. I can highly recommend this brilliant magician"

Chris Rundkvist


"Dear Monty,
I am writing to say THANK YOU for sharing your MAGIC at Cooper's 7th birthday party. We were amazed at how you were able to keep the kids-of-all-ages at the party interested even though it was tailored for 7 year old. From 3-13 (not to mention the adults)- EVERYONE was mesmerized!
People were buzzing about your show for weeks after the party. I would definitely (and have) recommend you to friends and family. I sure hope I get an invitation! In addition to putting on a great show, it was a pleasure to work with you through the booking process. I did not question anything going in to the party. That is a real plus considering all the other things to think about and do in preparation for a birthday party in our home!
Thank you for a fantastic time and helping us give Cooper a super 7th birthday party.! "

Warmest Regards,Chris and Katie Mullin


"Hi Monty the Magician,
Thank you for doing such an awesome job performing your MAGIC show at my daughter's 8th birthday party this year. It is a great thing what you do for the kids and the joy and laughter you brought for the whole family.
You are a "natural". My daughter had a great time and couldn't stop talking about the MAGIC show. She even said it was the BEST and she would never forget it. And that is what is really important making memories of good times! Plus your rate was affordable, which I was grateful for. I wish you all the best!"

Andrea House

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